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i'll post here too

Last cigarette: never
Last good cry: cowdog
Last library book checked out: something on witchcraft last semester
Last movie seen: barbie as rapunzel
Last book finished: a guide for the perplexed
Last cuss word uttered: i dont curse
Last beverage drank: coffeeeeeee!
Last food consumed: rice
Last crush: jeremy ♥
Last phone call: a few minutes ago
Last tv show watched: that 70's show
Last time showered: 2 hours ago
Last shoes worn:  ratty old sneakers
Last cd played: meteora
Last item bought: raffle ticket from a kid
Last downloaded: pictures of my cousin
Last annoyance: you know who you are...
Last disappointment: this evening
Last thing written: captions to some cartoons
Last key used: house key
Last words spoken: c'mon jellybean
Last sleep: last night
Last IM: titi mari
Last weird encounter: the other day...seems my appearance shocks old people
Last ice cream eaten: chocolate?
Last time amused: a little bit ago, jeremy tried to "look at the cat" me over the phone
Last time in love: ♥♥♥
Last time hugged: last night
Last time scolded: playfully my mom said she was going to punch me in the head
Last time resentful: dont remember
Last chair sat in: computer chair
Last lipstick used: chrome red a while ago
Last underwear worn: none ;-) hehe my barrel of monkeys butt floss...
Last shirt worn: the one i am wearing now...white with little red hearts
Last time dancing: today with mariah
Last poster looked at: papa roach on my wall
Last webpage visited :

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