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First Post

Welcome to my community!
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yay! tis preety. there are to many thom clubs out there that im joined to for me to even start one.....you gotta be able to throw out some good pics for me to join.so yours betta be good.
hey,,.....how do you put those nifty little thingies on your 'comment here, and how many have commented ' things..where do you modify that?
Weee you joined...you should post now.....and the comment thingy is an html overide
how do you do it.whats the html? hoew do i post in communities too.i usually just comment a LOOOTTTTTT
i joined...but how do i post? lol i bees dumb.
lol go to update journal..then the place that gives you more options like the music your listening to your mood and all that .....it has this pull down thingy that lets you choose where to post