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Thought I'd post here for a change.

It was a lovely day.  Or so I thought until the Lunch fiasco of 2004!!!  (ooooooooooh) 

I decided to make lunch for my dad and myself--nothing fancy, just grilled cheese n stuff.  Offered Am...Cathy some, and proceeded to make them.  Dum dee dum, time passes and I am enjoying a lovely cheese sandwich when Cathy storms in demanding to know if there is mayo in her sandwich.  Yes, I did put some in there, a miniscule amount to make it cheesier, the white kid way.  It's not like she doesn't eat it in other things, so I figured it would be ok.  She got all pissed off and stormed around glaring at me saying she was sick.  (Even though she only had ONE bite) 

I am sorry about the whole thing, but I could not help but laugh, seeing how absurd the whole situation was.  That, and I think Lawrencethon wanted one too--and would have appreciated a bit of mayo I think, but I had no more bread LOL.  See what happens when you try to help people with their lunch??  Hehehe.  It was funny.  You should have seen it, and for the two of you who DID see it...this post will prolly bemuse one, and anger the other.  Unless the *other* sees it for the account of a funny happening in an otherwise normal boring day.

s loves j

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